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"The BookRouter system is a real timesaver; much appreciated." Edward Pollack

"When Chuck first offered us Bookrouter I said, "Oh it doesn't take me much time to upload our books for sale to three services using Bookmate. Anyway I am used to this method so why change? But I'll give it a try." I WAS WRONG. CHUCK WAS RIGHT! I have saved a huge amount of time that I was not aware I was spending doing internet uploads. The whole process, no matter how many services we upload to takes less than 5 minutes. When we had problems with the Bibliocity/Alibris service Chuck contacted them directly. I spent no time on the phone being aggravated by talking with various support people. Bookrouter phone and e-mail support have been excellent. The Bookrouter web site is very easy to use. I am looking forward to having our uploads to Rockingstone (ABAA/ILAB) handled by Bookrouter. I highly recommend Bookrouter to other booksellers. " Sharon McBlain, McBlain Books

"BookRouter saves me several hours each month, and is especially useful for computer cretins like me. Vilnis is a reliable resource for assistance at all times." David M. Lesser.



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