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BookRouter's Client Welcome screen.

This page displays the logos of all indexing sites that can be updated via BookRouter.  Your status ("Active," "Inactive," or "Not Used") is indicated beside each site.  Clicking on a logo brings you to the customization screen for that particular service, where you can edit your login information, increment/decrement prices, and select which price range of books, if any, to send.

From this screen, you can also update your account information, or proceed to our Upload Page, as displayed below. 

  The only page you'll usually ever need! 

Simply "Browse" to your file, select which site(s) to send to, choose whether to purge your current listings prior to applying the file, and click the "Process File" button. When you see the confirmation screen acknowledging your upload, you will know that your  inventory will be sent where you want, in the correct format, with any alterations you have chosen to make (see previous screen.)  

You can choose to upload mixed files of adds and deletes (containing "Action" fields,) or files where all records are interpreted as additions or deletions.  

If you have sent the wrong file by mistake, simply click the "Undo" button, and the file will be removed from our server.

Your Dealer Information Page.

This screen allows you to configure your account information, such as your company and personal names; email, website and street addresses; business hours and specialties; and telephone/fax numbers.

You may list multiple street addresses by clicking on "Add a location."  When more than one address is stored, a drop-down menu will allow you to select which you would like to display.

The Software Used field, when filled in, helps us to identify possible avenues to pursue in case of a problem.  Programs all have their own eccentricities, and knowing where the problem came from helps us maintain our high standard of customer service.

Clicking on the Advanced Settings button will bring you to the screen displayed below. . .


  Advanced Settings.

This screen displays all available fields for a given upload format.  You can choose which fields produce a warning, or prevent a book from being listed when blank.  

By choosing "Send Warning" for a particular field (Title and Author are good candidates) you will be notified automatically of any records in your upload that lack that information.  

Normally, you file would be sent to the indexing site and the record rejected, with no explicit notification to you.  

Taking the process a step further, you can choose not to send records missing certain information, simply by selecting "Reject Book" for the field desired.  Again, this produces a warning, which is sent via automated email, but this method takes the added precaution of preventing the record from being sent at all.

With BookRouter "proof-reading" your uploads, you can be sure that any errors within your records that could prevent them from being listed online will be brought to your attention, helping you to maintain quality data and maximize your presence online. 

Below is a brief description of the configuration options for individual services. . .



Indexing Service Configuration Screen.

This is the screen you will see when you click on any of the indexing site logos on the Client Welcome Screen (this particular screen is for configuring an ABE account.)

While this screen allows you to edit your login information, account status and upload file types, its main usage is for price alterations.

You can choose to adjust your prices up or down by either a percentage,  a set amount, or both.

Next, you can choose whether to send only the books that fall within a certain price range (you can specify only minimum, only maximum, or both values.) either to adhere to membership guidelines, or to reach a targeted audience.

You can also choose only to delete books within the desired price range, reject records meant as updates that lack a price, or reject books meant as "deletes" that lack a price.

The lower section is dedicated to indexing site-specific account information.  The values will be configured as needed during the setup process.  These deal with directory and formatting requirements for the various services.

Lastly, our Customer Feedback Form is displayed below, which you can send to ask questions directly from your account.

Send us a note! There are many suggestion screens like this one linked throughout the site that you should feel free to use to contact us whenever you have any questions or concerns.  You can also use the plain email links like this one!


Now that you know what we can do for you, why not take a look at some of the services we work with -- you can find links to many services here!


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