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Monthly Fee Sites :

Click here to go to the Sign-up information page. If you are signing up for the first time with ABE and are going to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know.
In brief, ABE charges a monthly fee for listing books as well as a 8% commission on sales ($40 maximum, $0.50 minimum commission charge). There is also a Payment Service Fee, defined as follows:

"Every book on our websites can be purchased using Visa/MasterCard with payment accepted by Abebooks. A payment service fee of 5.5% of the order item value is charged per item. Minimum fees are as follows:

Purchase made from US$0.50 per Order Purchase made from or US$0.90 per Order Purchase made from US$0.90 per Order

The payment service fee does not apply to orders where the bookseller is accepting payment, such as by check, PayPal or another credit card.

Note: You need to have a credit card on file to register. We will automatically debit your credit card and send you a summary of charges each month."

Please note that this means that dealers must allow ABE to charge Visa/Mastercard on their behalf and pay the fees to ABE for the service.

The current monthly listing rates for U.S. sellers, as of 4/26/2006, are:

0 - 500

$US 25.00

501 - 4,000

$US 37.00

4,001 - 10,000

$US 42.00

10,001 - 20,000

$US 53.00

20,001 - 30,000

$US 80.00

30,001 - 50,000

$US 125.00

50,001 - 100,000

$US 175.00

100,001 - 150,000

$US 225.00


$US 300.00

AE,, is a deep content site for those with an interest in books, manuscripts, ephemera and photographs. Books for Sale [BFS], our unlimited listing service, is one of 5 services offered included in Premium subscriptions: $240 a year or $25 a month. There are no commissions. The focus is on creating relationships between collectors and dealers. All listings are search engine friendly. Included in a Premium Services membership, in addition to listing privileges, is access to the AED, a full text 1.456 million record database of auction, bibliographic and dealer records, the ability to create electronic footnote files to enhance presentation, immediate current price/value estimates, and tools to create electronic special purpose catalogues for individual clients.

Click here for their How To Join Us page. They pose a series of questions that the prospective lister needs to answer by email. If you are signing up for the first time with AntiQbook and are going to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know.  Their rates at present are:

up to 1000 titles

EURO 25.00

1001-5000 titles

EURO 33.00

5,001-10,000 titles

EURO 35.00

Each additional 10,000 titles

EURO 11.00's monthly fees are 15% of your monthly sales through their site, up to a cap as listed below:

# Books (Daily Average) 15% Cap
0-500 $ 20
501-1,000 $ 25
1,001-4,000 $ 30
4,001-10,000 $ 35
10,001-25,000 $ 45
25,001-50,000 $ 65
50,001-100,000 $ 95
100,001+ $ 135

After the 15% cap is reached,'s commission is 7.5% on all additional sales for the remainder of the month. The maximum commission on any single book is $40.00. They also offer additional discounts of up to 18% (off of your total fees due) for booksellers who maintain high fulfillment rates. If a bookseller does not sell books in a given month, there are no fees charged for listing books.

For more information on's subscription rates and monthly fees, or for an estimate of your monthly fees on, click here.

Click here to find their signup information. If you are signing up for the first time with Biblion and are going to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know.  Their rates at present are:

under 1000 books

15 (+VAT) per month or
150 (+VAT) per year (save 30)

over 1000 books

25 (+VAT) per month or 250 (+VAT) per year (save 50)

Alternatively, one may choose to pay a percentage of sales, the "pay-as-you-earn" plan: 10% (+VAT) of completed sales as defined in Biblion's terms and conditions

Click here for information on joining. If you are signing up for the first time with Bibliophile and are going to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know.  You may ignore the rates they have posted on the registration page. They currently say that " is currently a free listing service. If and when we charge a listing fee, it will be based on the number of books listed."

Click here to go to their New Dealer Sign-up page. If you are signing up for the first time with Books & Collectibles and are going to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know. Their rates at present are:

Less than 2000

$25 per month or $250/year

2,001 to 10,000

$40 per month or $400/year

10,001 to 40,000

$50 per month or $500/year

over 40,000

Listed by negotiation

**Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars**

As an introductory offer, the first two months of service are free. 

Click here for information on joining TomFolio.  Please note that TomFolio offers two membership options: (1) You may purchase a Charter Membership Owner's share; or (2) You can become a non-owner member.  The monthly listing fees are the same for both options -- please review the TomFolio site for more information on the benefits of becoming a Charter Membership Owner.  The monthly listing fees are:

1,000 TO 4,000 $35.00 per month
4,001 TO 10,000 $40.00 per month
10,001 TO 25,000 $45.00 per month
25,001 TO 50,000 $60.00 per month
50,001 TO 75,000 $75.00 per month
75,001 TO 100,000 $90.00 per month

For each additional 25,000 records, add $15

If you are signing up with TomFolio and would like to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know.

Zvab ZVAB (Zentrales Verzeichnis Antiquarischer Bucher) is a site in Germany with which we have formed a data connection. The usual monthly fee structure is as follows:

Price ModelBase PricePrice per 1000 TitlesSales Provision (% of sales through site)
AEUR 18,-EUR 10,-5%
BEUR 15,-EUR 4,-8%
CEUR 10,-EUR 1,5012%

We have negotiated an elimination of your base fee if uploading to ZVAB through BookRouter! BookRouter users will not have to pay the "base fees" of 18 Euro's per month for Plan A, 15 Euro's per month for Plan B or 10 Euro's per month for Plan C from now until October 31st, 2004. The monthly rate per thousand titles and percentage of sales rates will still maintain, but the savings on base fees will really add up for BookRouter users. We would ask that, if you have questions or problems with your ZVAB listings once you are signed up, that you refer them to us for action, rather than going to ZVAB directly.

You will need to sign up through ZVAB directly to get started, however. (Go to or email for information on how to sign up.)

Membership Sites:

Participants must be members of the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers.
Basic subscription for up to 5000 books is 25 Euros per month and 5 Euros per 5000 books extra.
One-time setup fee: 100 Euros
For SLAM and CLAM-BBA booksellers different rates apply.

Extra service:
We can create a Search Page to use on one's own website to search your own stock, including shopping cart and the possibility to create subject catalogues. This search part can have the same look and feel of one's own website.
Costs: 12 euro's per month for up to 5000 books and 3 Euros per 5000 books extra.
One-time setup fee: 100 Euros.

To join please send an e-mail to does not charge any commission

We do not have a sign-up page but on how to join you can use the following link: - where you can find and buy new, used, out-of-print and rare books as well as ephemera, magazines, journals and used textbooks offered for sale by the members of the Independent Online Booksellers Association.

Only booksellers who are current members in good standing of the Independent Online Booksellers' Association (IOBA) are eligible to sell books through

For information on IOBA membership, click here.

Rates & Fees:

Number of Books in your Inventory Monthly Listing Fee
0-1000 $7
1001-4,000 $10
4,001-10,000 $15
10,001-25,000 $20
25,001-50,000 $25
50,001-100,000 $35
100,001+ $50 + $5 per additional 25,000


Bibliopoly accepts all ILAB members. Non-ILAB members must provide references from two existing dealers and Bibliopoly reserves the right to accept new members at their own discretion. It is not required, but highly recommended, that dealers upload books of high value and include subject categories and a language field in their data.

Dealers are charged 30 per month to list their books. Those who have uploaded a value of more than 100,000 will be charged an additional one twelfth of one tenth of one percent per month (i.e. 0.1% on an annual basis) on the excess of their inventory over 100,000. However a cap at 1,000,000 means that the maximum excess on which the second charge is payable is 900,000. The minimum charge is therefore 30 per month, and the maximum monthly charge is 105. Please email for further information.

Commission-Based Listing Sites:

Click here to visit the A1Books information page for new sellers. A1books offers free unlimited listings and charges a commission of only 12% on sales through their site.

Click here for more information or here to go to the Alibris signup page. The following information is taken from their site at

They charge a one-time processing fee of $19.99 if your application to become an Alibris seller is approved, half of which charge is credited back to your account if you sign up as a BookRouter user with them.

Alibris sellers pay a commission, plus

A flat monthly fee based on the schedule below
Average # listings this month Fee next month
0-1,000 $15
1,001-2,000 $20
2,001-4,000 $30
4,001-10,000 $35
10,001-20,000 $40
20,001-30,000 $60
30,001-50,000 $90
50,001-100,000 $125
100,001 + $150
‹ or ›
$1 per retail item sold
  • This option is available to all music and movie sellers and to booksellers with 1,000 items or fewer in inventory.
  • This fee is for retail sales only (items sold through Alibris consumer and library Web sites).
  • There is no charge for books sold via Alibris business partners.

About commissions

  • You pay a 15% commission on the retail sale of any item priced under $500.
    Retail sales channels include our consumer Web site ( and our Alibris for Libraries site (
  • You pay a 20% commission on the partner sale of any item priced under $500.
    Partner sales (for booksellers only) are items listed via Alibris through, Barnes &, Books-A-Million, Borders, Chapters/Indigo, Ingram, and others.
  • You pay a 10% commission on the sale of any item priced at $500 and greater.
If you are signing up for the first time with Alibris and are going to use BookRouter, be sure to let them know you will be uploading via BookRouter FTP in UIEE format.

In order to sell old books through Amazon, one must create a "Pro Merchant" account with them.

Click here to set up a Pro Merchant account once you have your basic account established.

Books can go into zShops or Marketplace, or both. If they are in both, then, when sold, Marketplace fees apply to the book....

zSHOPS - There are no listing fees for selling at zShops, but zShops sellers must register for the Pro Merchant Subscription. As a Pro Merchant Subscriber, you're charged $39.99 per month to maintain as many as 40,000 items. If your listings exceed 40,000 at any given time, you will be charged a $0.10 listing fee for each additional individual listing. Shipping is not included in the book's price, though buyers are supposed to refer to your terms of trade and add the shipping to thir bill. At BookRouter, we make it possible to add a fixed amount to every book's price if you are having trouble with folks paying for shipping. In addition - we add a statement to evry book record going to Amazon which says that the buyer must pay shipping.

If your item sells for $0.01 - $25.00, Amazon collects a 5% closing fee.
If your item sells for $25.01 - $1,000.00, Amazon collects $1.25 plus 2.5% of any amount greater than $25.
If your item sells for $1,000.01 or more, Amazon collects $25.63 plus 1.25% of any amount greater than $1,000.

Marketplace - There are rather hermetic rules as to whether a book is listed on Marketplace when loaded through the zShops system - simply put, when you are signed for both and the book has an ISBN number listed, then the description is truncated to a simple condition statement and the book goes to Marketplace. The Marketplace fees are 15% on every sale, but Amazon issues you a shipping credit - for books sent within the U.S. it is $2.20. If your buyer is outside the U.S., you receive a $12.00 shipping credit

zSHOPS - There are currently no listing fees or monthly subscription for selling at zShops and there is a maximum limit of 50,000 items.
There is no facility for Amazon to accept payment.  All transactions are dealt with between the seller and the customer.

If your item sells for 0.00 - 20.00 Amazon collects 5.00% closing fee.
If your item sells for 20.01 - 750.00, Amazon collects 1.00 plus 2.5% of any amount greater than 20.
If your item sells for 750.01 or more, Amazon collects 19.25 plus 1.25% of any amount greater than 750.00.


1. All the rules are temporary.... Within a few months the system will be much more formalized and it will resemble the Amazon US system with zShops, Marketplace, monthly fees, etc., etc.

2. Until the new rules go into effect, you will be able to upload your files to them through us, using the same username and password that you use for your Amazon US Pro Merchant account at no additional charge from AmazonUK. You will only be able to load into UK zShops and there will be no Amazon payments - rather the customers will contact you directly to order and pay.

For as long as it lasts this is a great deal.


Click here to go to the Sign-up information page. In brief, Choice Books do not currently charge for any services. Membership and listing services will remain free - regardless of how many books you have listed on the site.

Members can choose to either facilitate the payment via invoice (Check, Money Order etc) or can specify a Paypal email address for immediate payment via the site, soon to be updated to include Google Checkout.

A Final Value Fee (FVF) of 3.4% will be charged on orders facilitated via Choice Books. A minimum FVF of GBP 0.25 up to a maximum of GBP 30 will apply to all orders.

Note: You do not need to have a credit card on file to register. Once fees are due then we will send an invoice out each calendar month following registration.

Dealers wishing to sell on should sign up for a username, provide the required Seller Information (credit card and check/direct deposit account), and understand their basic rules, such as 2 days to confirm an order and ship next day, etc. Once you have signed up, we will contact to complete the process. does not charge start-up or listing fees. Their commission structure is as follows:

Selling Price + Applicable Shipping Commission
less than or equal to $50.0015%
$50.01 to $100.0012.5%
$100.01 to $250.0010%
$250.01 to $500.007.5%
greater than or equal to $500.015.0%

Half, as of 10/21/05, is initiating a wholly new system of bulk upload to their site. We are hoping to have the scripts ready to to upload not only for former bulk uploaders who have been sending their data to Half through BookRouter right along, but also new customers as well who are sellers. We will be sending out messages on our progress on this project.

Dealers wishing to sell on should register at their website.

ValoreBooks only accepts records with ISBN numbers (BookRouter will automatically filter out records without ISBN's being sent to ValoreBooks.) Please let them know you will be using BookRouter when you sign up. does not charge start-up or listing fees. There is a 15% commission charged on every sale. Potential listers should note that Valorebooks forwards records to for those without an FTP bulk account with Half.

Special Sites:

Bibliopolis/Booksellersolutions provides a search server for its Web-creation clients. If you are a Bibliopolis/BookSellerSolutions client, we can upload your data to them.

Chrislands provides booksellers with custom-built and personalized online bookstores.  For more information, click here to visit the Chrislands website.  If you are signing up with Chrislands and would like to use BookRouter, just let them know.  Pricing for Chrislands is as follows:


Monthly Fee $9.99 $14.99 $19.99 $29.99
Setup Fee $199.99 $199.99 $199.99 $199.99
Number of Books up to 2,500 up to 5,000 up to 10,000 up to 30,000
Disk Space 20MB 40MB 60MB 80MB
Bandwidth 100MB 200MB 400MB 1,000MB

Special: Monthly fee waived for your first month.

All accounts come with: Unlimited email addresses, Tech Support, hosting on a Secure Server, and SQL database.

For above 30,000 books contact for a quote.

Simplify. . .


Want to learn more about BookRouter and how we can make uploading to all these sites a simple task? Click here.

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